Are there any additional costs to the prices quoted?

There is a charge of GBP 10.00 per ‘export quality’ pallet. This charge includes not only the cost of the pallet, but also the labour costs involved in picking the order, palletising it, and shrink wrapping it. If you are European pallet certified then there is no charge.

Are there any discounts for pallet quantities?

There may be discounts available when ordering pallet quantities. Please advise us of your requirements, and we let you have a quotation.

Can anyone buy from BFE.com

No, we are a business-to-business supplier. We export to retailers, wholesalers and distributors worldwide.

Can I consolidate orders from different suppliers?

No. You need to place separate orders with each supplier.

Can I see prices on the website?

Yes. Once you have created an account, Log on with your user name and password. Please note that prices can change without notice.

Can you provide Health Certificates?

You must inform us in writing of any Veterinary / Health Certificate requirements before confirming your order. We will make enquiries with DEFRA as to the availability of any Certificates, which, if available, will be subject to charge at cost.

Do you arrange transport?

With Parfett’s, you would need to arrange collection from their Aintree, Liverpool depot. Parfett’s do not have the facility to deliver. If you do not have your own transport company, we at BFE.com can recommend companies who service your area. Orders for Eden Farm can be collected from their depots in Peterlee or Bradford. They can also arrange delivery in the UK if required. However, this may incur a delivery charge.

How do I order from promotional brochures?

For Parfett’s promotions, we email you their promotional brochure, which is updated every three weeks. However, to obtain the promotional prices, groceries need to be ordered on our website within the three weekly cycle. If you are ordering from an excel PLOF, the order must be Invoiced withing the three week promotional cycle. Eden Farm operate their promotions on a monthly cycle. You will always pay the promotional price if the goods are Invoiced in the corresponding month. Please see in the ‘My Account - Downloads’ section of the website.

How do I pay?

Our suppliers require payment in advance of collection, by cleared funds. You can pay by Credit Card, Debit Card, or by bank transfer, although this method takes a few days. Once your order has been picked and Invoiced, you will receive a copy Invoice, to enable you to effect payment.

How do I search for products?

You can search through the extensive range of grocery products by:- Brand Department Items on Promotion Items in Stock Items in your ‘Favourites’ Bar code (if you know it) ‘Key’ words (e.g. mars, cornflakes, etc) If you cannot find the groceries that you require please do not hesitate give a member of our team a call.

How high will Parfett's build the pallets?

If you require Parfett’s to assemble the pallet to a specific height, please advise when placing your order. Otherwise, Parfett’s will assemble pallets to a height they consider suitable for onward transport. Parfett’s will not accept any claims for damages in transit, once the transport company have collected the pallets. If the driver is not satisfied that the pallet is suitable for delivery overseas, then he/she must advise Parfett’s before the pallet/s are loaded onto their vehicle.

I am new to BritishFoodExports.com. How do I place an order?

Once you have created an account on our website and it has been activated, you are free to place an order with any of our suppliers through the BritishFoodExports.com website.

I require supply of a product that is not currently on BFE.com?

We are constantly on the look-out for new suppliers and brands that will interest customers overseas. If there is a product that you require that we do not have please let us know. Your suggestions are always welcomed and valued.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

There is no minimum order quantity. However, we would recommend that you order a minimum of one mixed pallet per order, to minimise your transport costs.

What are the suppliers payment terms?

The suppliers payment terms are normally ex-works (EXW), unless otherwise stated. Ex-works is defined as “The seller must place the goods at the disposal of the buyer at the seller’s premises or another named place not cleared for export and not loaded on any collecting vehicle”. Incoterms 2000

What lead time is required?

With orders for Parfett’s, we would ask for a minimum of 3 working days lead time, more for larger orders, or orders which include ‘non-stock’ lines. For Eden Farm orders, please allow 5-7 days notice.

What shelf life can I expect on products?

As Parfett’s are a Cash & Carry, smaller orders are picked from shelf stock. Shelf life for these products cannot be guaranteed. However, should you receive stock with an unacceptable shelf life, we will endeavour to claim recompense from Parfett’s. Shelf life for frozen products from Eden Farm would normally be at least six months. Legal: All product on this website have BBE dates in complaince with British Trading Standards.

Who do I pay?

You pay the suppliers direct. We do not get involved with the payment unless a supplier has asked us to contact you on their behalf.

Why should I use BFE.com?

We are a unique service, allowing overseas importers and distributors the facility to order all of your UK requirements online. We are working with leading suppliers in each product category. In time we will be adding new suppliers to our site. Contact us by phone or email if you would like to discuss any aspect of your requirements.

Will I get cheaper prices if I go direct to the suppliers?

No, the price you see on this website is the same price that you would pay if you were to go direct to the supplier. We earn a small commission from each order, which is incorporated into the suppliers margin.

Will my information be shared with other websites?

We do not work in conjunction with any other websites and would never share information about you with anyone without your permission.